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Photo Gallery of Vascular Plants

by Walter S. Judd, Daniel L. Nickrent, Kenneth R. Robertson, J. Richard Abbott, Barbara S. Carlsward, Tanja M. Schuster, Christopher S. Campbell, Kurt M. Neubig, Scott Zona, Michael J. Donoghue, and Elizabeth A. Kellogg

This site is a companion to the textbook Plant Systematics: A Phylogenetic Approach, Fourth Edition, by Walter S. Judd, Christopher S. Campbell, Elizabeth A. Kellogg, Peter F. Stevens, and Michael J. Donoghue, published by Sinauer Associates.

Family Treatments

Text treatments for the families presented in the Photo Gallery are available in Oxford Learning Link

About the Photo Gallery

This Photo Gallery contains over 9,700 photographs illustrating the diagnostic characters of (and variability within) the vascular plant families covered in the textbook Plant Systematics, Fourth Edition. Represented here are over 5,000 species from almost 300 families. Many species are represented by multiple photographs showing different views of the plant, its flowers, its fruits, its vegetative characteristics, and its habit, as well as many images showing floral and fruit dissections. The Photo Gallery also includes an illustrated glossary of plant terminology.

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